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Julian Hough Date Night with Ryan Seacrest

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Julian Hough Date Night with Ryan Seacrest

Post  erlie on Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:28 am

She is hot to trot in all black ensemble as she enjoys a romantic dinner with Ryan Seacrest.

The cute couple both have busy schedules but they always manage to find quality time together devote to each other.

Ryan told Chelsea Handler the talk show, that Julianne is funny and beautiful. Chelsea then probed the American Idol host about his marriage plans.

Then Ryan said Chelsea will be the first one to know. Ryan turn the table to Chelsea and ask her when she is getting married.

Chelsea said she is not getting married. She said she is not interested in that. She don't have to probe to people that she is straight. Chelsea joked about Ryan's persistent gay rumours.

However, things must be getting more serious between the couple as Ryan sold his Casa di Pace bachelor pad in Hollywood Hills last year and then bought a new Beverly Hills love nest with 24 year old Julianne.

I had known for years about Ryan's persistent gay rumour. I hope Julianne knows about this, because if not and she will go through about getting married with Ryan, she might be in for a trouble. Who knows if Ryan is only making Julianne a scapegoat to advance whatever is that he is after on Julianne. Only Ryan knows the truth.

Anyway, each to his own life. So, let it be. Too bad for Julianne if things don't go right with their relationship. She is young and soo beautiful even without make up on. She is a natural beauty. Not to mention she is an excellent dancer on DWTS.

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Re: Julian Hough Date Night with Ryan Seacrest

Post  Reese on Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:35 pm

I like Julianne in DWTS. I think Ryan and her are both adorable! but, getting married? Ya think Ryan is ready for that?

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