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Jennifer Lopez: It Was The Worst Time Of My Life

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Jennifer Lopez: It Was The Worst Time Of My Life

Post  erlie on Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:14 am

Jennifer reveals she is still struggling to get over her divorce from Marc Anthony.

Two years on. Jennifer says she is struggling to deal with the collapse of her marriage. the stunning singer opened up to Couric revealing she found it hard to get out of bed when her relationship broke down.

Despite having moved on since her split Jennifer is dating her 24 year old back up dancer Casper Smart. She said having her two twins ask questions about the divorce continues to make it difficult. She said she wrote song about it and recorded because she wanted to explain to them through the song without explaining. She said there is something inside of her that was struggling with that part of things.

I like Jennifer but she had been married mutiple times before her marriage ended in divorce. What she is looking for in a man? It seems all her ex-husband were younger than her except for Marc. Her much publicized relationship with Ben Afleck went kaput and break off their wedding plans.

Does she knows how to keep her marriage or is she bored after a while staying in the same relationship? Oh well, it's her life.

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Re: Jennifer Lopez: It Was The Worst Time Of My Life

Post  Reese on Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:39 pm

With three marriage, I think Jennifer is in for another one with her latest boy toy. Lol, but I like her. Who knows what she is really looking for in a man to stay married. Maybe she is getting bored. Some people are like that. But, what do I know.

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